All songs written and produced by TJ Piccirillo (
Engineered by Jason Zivic
Mixed by Joe Costable (
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper (
Artwork by Kevin Alves (

TJ Piccirillo - Vocals, guitars, bass (track 1)
Ethan Tollin - Bass (track 2 and 3)
Itamar Gov-Ari - Piano, keys
Jason Zivic - Drums, percussion

We tracked drums and bass for “Haley” and “Hideout” live at Riverworks Studios in Dobb’s Ferry, NY, courtesy of Mercy College.
Everything else was recorded at Jason’s studio (Z Music North) except guitars/vocals in “Faking Phone Calls”. That was a voice memo (with a couple overdubs recorded at Jason’s.)

Gigantic thank-yous to Jason, Itamar, and Ethan for their long-time friendship and willingness to record these tunes with me. Also to my close friends (most audibly, Bugs, Taz, and Bob) for letting me (unknowingly, at the time) sample their words of late-night wisdom outside of a bar that doesn’t exist anymore. Drinks on me. Dedicated to Tim Bruce.