"Into Lately"

I was slow to start this scene
"Another act of coming clean," or so I'll say.
Or so it goes, this waking sleep
Constant quest for clarity every day

What have I been getting myself into lately?
I'll step outside this slow unwind and watch each moment changing

A second take, to set this stage
And feel your faith shaking in my hands and down my legs
'Cause either I don't sleep or I do all day
I've wasted so much of my time since you've gone away

If we keep watching with the sound turned off
We'll fall asleep with the TV on
Sometime you were the only one
To feel the message in my favorite songs..

"Haley, Please"

I didn't plan to be nervous so this might seem out of character for me, to sit and shake with uncertainty
Right here in your mountains, your sea of green
Where I came to heal my in-betweens
Where all of the air is so easy to breathe..

Haley, please,
Can I come over when it's all done?
Catch me up where you left me off..

I have yet to determine but I have seen
The contact your sight has made with me
The way it still lingers, oh you've got to be
The light I have been looking for to fill this room
The golden glow of mid-afternoon
But can't be sure as the wind blows that you feel it, too

So ask a couple questions
I know your peers are informed
Make a change of heart and invite me indoors
The consequence of leaving nothing said has haunted me before
Take it for what it's worth and please don't ignore
What it is I am asking you for..


Let's go heavy on the pours and drink a little more to a new life
'Cause I'm not living out a sentence, just loosening the ties to an old lie
Let's get eager with our ears and evaluate the fears of our lost time
We'll reminisce about some plans that took us for a spin through some small crimes..

All hopes of living and learning
Out of touch and concerning all the ones we said we loved

Now I'm hiding out in a four-door downtown watching the smoke pour out
And I'm talking down through a crack in my mouth watching the lights go out..

So light another spark to illuminate the dark of our lost minds
We've spent time harboring our sins so a real life can begin in the meantime
It's got me spit in two, a biased point of view, need a re-write
Or a map of how to love to fix what I fucked up last night..

I talked so much about 'better days' that I didn't even know they were still going on
And it took so long just to find my place that I didn't even know what was going wrong..

"Faking Phone Calls"

The bar, it got too loud
So I bummed a cigarette
And wandered outside
To pretend to be on the phone
Talking to myself,
Probably something about you
I was faking conversation just to feel a little less alone

I’ve grown fond of that ache
That numbing loneliness
I guess it doesn’t hurt that bad in the right context
But love is not a race,
It’s not even a contest
I’m chasing train of thought until I run out of breath

It’s getting late, don’t know if I
Should head back home or go inside
They’re asking me to stay
But they won’t notice either way…

Someone stole my seat,
So I’m thinking that I'll stand
With another whiskey,
Or something easy to occupy my hands
Until I’m beckoned to a back door
By two of my close friends
The shorter one has got his game-face on
I think he’s got a plan…